Mission Statement

The Veterinary Services animal health mission centers on the 30 veterinary treatment facilities providing care to over 420 military working dogs, other government owned animals, and pets of beneficiaries. VS provides a critical capability for maximizing readiness through One Health in support of U.S. Army, Navy and Marine, and Air Force missions.  


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Working dogs with SOF

We  are currently working to update this information. Stay tuned! 

Global Veterinary Medical Practice Mission

The Global Veterinary Medical Practice supports the missions of the Public Health Activity commanders and the Army Public Health Center, as a key enabler of veterinary medical readiness. Through the operations of the business management aspects, the GVMP supports the training platform to develop and strengthen veterinary medicine core competencies, the public health of our military communities, and the Military Health System at large.

Accordance with Untied States Code Title 10, under the direction of the Secretary of the Army, Army Medical Command provides veterinary capabilities to the Army and designated Department of Defense activities (U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and the Coast Guard); and systems to support Army veterinary health care delivery. Military police governance / civil law compliance.

Animal Health Leadership

 Major Jean Rubanick, Chief of Animal Health

 Jonathan Vasquez, Management Analyst (Hawaii)


 Richard King, Management Analyst (Japan)