Provide comprehensive veterinary health services to ensure the health and safety of all Department of Defense populations within the Pacific Northwest and Alaska regions.



Promote the health and readiness of the Department of Defense family through One Health.

Our Command Priorities

"Brick by Brick" – Building a High Reliability Organization (HRO) through Leadership Commitment, Continuous Process Improvement, and a Culture of Safety.

Our Area of Responsibility

Public Health Activity-Fort Lewis provides Veterinary Health, Food Protection, and Preventive Medicine support to 14 installations, 23 naval ships and submarines, and 8 commissaries throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Within our area of responsibility our staff supports more than 47,000 privately owned animals, 100 military working dogs, and 200 military and 50 commercial food sites.

Capabilities and Services

Services Provided
  • Public Health Support
  • Veterinary Health Services
  • Installation Support
  • Joint Exercise Support
Veterinary Health Services
  • Food Defense/Food Protection
  • Military Sanitary Audits
  • Commercial Sanitary Audits
  • Animal Medicine/Surgery
  • Military Working Dog Health Management
  • Government Owned Animal Care and Training
  • Veterinary Out-Patient Visits
  • Human Animal Bond Programs
  • Mascot Programs’
Public Health Support
  • Food Defense/Food Protection
  • Zoonotic Disease Consultation
  • Epidemiological Trend Analyses
Major Units Supported
  • 218th MDVSS (JBLM)
  • 7362nd VET DET (JBLM)
  • 2/75th Ranger Regiment (JBLM)
  • 92nd, 141st, 673rd Medical Groups (WA and AK)
  • 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) (JBLM)
  • Air National Guard Groups (WA and AK)
  • C Co 1-52 Dustoff Flight Medics (Wainwright)
  • Ted Stevens and SEATAC TSA K-9 Units
Unique Support
  • First Year Graduate Veterinary Education
  • Defense Logistic Agency (DLA)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Global Health Engagement (GHE) Exercises
  • Navy Vessel Ship Rider Missions
  • 525th Fighter Squadron Bald Eagle Mascots
  • Denali Sled Dog Kennels (National Park Service)
  • E. WA Univ. and Gonzaga ROTC (FAFB)