Continuously protects, promotes and improves the health of the force and their families throughout the Central-Pacific.



Maximize Readiness through One Health.

Our Command Priorities

  1. Be Ready – Our Activity maintains a high state of medical readiness to support the force and their Families throughout our area of responsibility, or wherever we are called to serve. Public Health Activity-Hawaii continuously prepares and trains to demonstrate definitive competency in the One Health areas of preventive medicine and veterinary health service to maximize the readiness of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Forces.
  1. Embrace Change – We must remain flexible and agile when adapting and responding to the transformation of the Department of Defense’s Medical Forces Army Public Health in support of a more ready DoD.
  1. Develop Leaders at all Levels – We work diligently to train, educate, and serve the Soldiers and Civilians within our Activity to sharpen skills and to assume more challenging and demanding responsibilities. Leaders at all levels will support personal and professional goals of our Soldiers and Civilian team members.
  1. Take Care of the Public Health Activity-Hawaii FamilyWe are 100/0! – 100% Public Health Activity-Hawaii Soldier and Civilian team member responsibility and accountability, 0 excuses for not giving our best every day. This credo mandates that each team member fully accepts the responsibilities and requirements of their position and performs to the best of their ability every day. We learn from efforts where we fall short of expectations. We embrace a safety culture where we prioritize safety in all we do at work or at play to keep ourselves and our team members from preventable harm. We offer help and assistance to each other whenever needed. We are a family.

Our Area of Responsibility

Public Health Activity-Hawaii provides Animal Health Services, Food Safety and Defense support to 26 installations, 32 naval vessels, 4 military working dog kennels in three time zones throughout the Central-Pacific on Maui, Hawai’i (Big Island), Oahu, Kauai, American Samoa and the Marshall Islands. Within our area of responsibility our staff supports more than 20,000 privately owned animals, 50 military working dogs and other government owned animals, and 230 inspection sites.


Capabilities and Services

Food Protection Support
  • Food Defense/Safety/Quality
  • ALFOODACT/Recalls
  • Commercial Sanitary Audits
  • Approved Sources
  • Receipt Inspections
  • Surveillance Inspections
  • Customer Complaints
  • Special Events
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Refrigeration Failure and Natural Disaster Support
Veterinary Health Services
  • Military Working Dog Health Management
  • Animal Medicine
  • Surgical Capabilities
  • Veterinary Out-Patient Visits
  • PCS/Travel Health Certificates
Major Units Supported
  • U.S. Pearl Harbor Fleet
  • U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Hawaii
  • 25th Infantry Division
  • 18th Medical Command
  • 9th Mission Support Command
  • National Guard
Unique Support
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • National Security Agency (NSA)
  • Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise
  • ADT Veterinary Student Training
  • TSA Working Dog Health and Wellness