To provide responsive and reliable Veterinary Services comprising food protection, animal health, and veterinary public health in support of the joint force within the Public Health Activity-San Diego area of responsibility.



Public Health Activity-San Diego is a ready medical force postured and prepared to support the joint force within the PHA-SD area of responsibility to sustain warfighter readiness and foster healthy communities. We do this through provision of comprehensive Veterinary Services to include food protection, animal health, and veterinary public health, executed by exceptional leaders and Soldiers of unparalleled technical expertise.


Our Command Priorities

  • People are our Mission
  • Back to Technical Basics
  • Force Development
  • Strengthen Team Identity
  • Build Community Rapport


Our Area of Responsibility

Public Health Activity-San Diego has 5 subordinate branches that supports 32 installations throughout the state of California. Within our region our staff supports more than 38,000 privately owned animals, 120 military working dogs, 240 other government owned animals, and 440 installation food facilities. 


Unique Missions

  • Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center
  • Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Depot – San Joaquin Ration Assembly Operation
  • Naval Air Station Fallon support
  • U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Food Management teams
  • Support to National Science Foundation’s Antarctic program
  • Support to more than 60 U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet vessels