Fort Wainwright Veterinary Treatment Facility

Bldg. 3597 Oak Ave
Fort Wainwright, Alaska 99703

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Closed weekends and holidays

Phone: (907) 361-3013
Fax: (907) 361-4853

Our Commitment

Fort Wainwright Branch Veterinary Treatment Facility is the Department of Defense’s only treatment facility serving interior Alaska. Our commitment to exceptional veterinary medicine travels two paths; care of the military working dog and care of the privately owned animal. We will continually strive to provide world class veterinary care to maintain the health of our deploying dogs, enabling their role in the fight. Further, we recognize the value of the human animal bond in the health and well-being of our Soldiers and their Families and are proud to extend our services to active duty, reservists, and retired military family pets.

The Fort Wainwright Veterinary Treatment Facility is not staffed to provide emergency care to pets. Please contact one of the following veterinary facilities or another local area clinic in the event of a pet health emergency:
  • After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic: (907) 479-2700
  • Aurora Animal Clinic: (907) 452-6055
  • Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital: (907) 452-6104
Veterinary Health Certificates
If you are PCS/ETSing or traveling with your pet, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can ensure your travels are as smooth as possible.
  • Some locations require six months or more lead time to eliminate or decrease quarantine time at destination (at owners’ expense).
  • We have an active duty Army veterinarian who can sign and endorse your pets’ required documents to make your move easier and less expensive.
  • If our Army veterinarian is not available, our USDA accredited civilian veterinarian can examine your pet and sign the required documents. These documents will need to be endorsed by appointment by the USDA Veterinary Services Endorsement Office in Palmer, AK. Please call their office at: (907) 229-7656 for arrangements.
  • We can answer questions about your specific travel locations and provide helpful references and resource material. The USDA Pet Travel Website is constantly updated and should be used to get information about the country or state you are traveling to.
  • To help us facilitate your travels, please bring all original documentation, including: rabies certificates, immunization records, and microchip information to your appointment.
Canine Services
•     Canine puppy/adult examination
•     Re-check examination
•     DAPv adult vaccine (Distemper)
•     DA2PP puppy vaccine (Distemper)
•     Rabies vaccine
•     Bordetella vaccine
•     Leptospirosis vaccine

Feline Services
•     Feline kitten/adult examination
•     Feline FVCRP vaccine (distemper)
•     Rabies vaccine

Additional Services
•     Health certificates (domestic and international)
•     Sick call exam
•     Microchip (15 Digit)
•     Fecal flotation analysis
•     Heartworm test
•     Ear swab
•     Anal gland expression
•     Nail trim

Anesthetic Procedures
•     Spay
•     Neuter
•     Mass removal
•     Dental 
Supported Installations & Commissaries
Currently we support the animal facilities at Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base. Our food inspectors support the commissaries, dining facilities, and retail food operations on Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely. We also support commercial food protection across Alaska.