Public Health Activity-Guam supports Public Health Command–Pacific by protecting, promoting, and improving the health of a diverse array of stakeholders throughout the Western Pacific, Southeast Asia, Antarctica, and Oceania. 



Competent, agile, and adaptive public health professionals that set the standard of excellence for food protection, animal medicine, and One Health.

Our Command Priorities

  1. Our People
  2. Force Health Protection
  3. Comprehensive Veterinary Medical Care

Our Area of Responsibility

Public Health Activity-Guam has 4 subordinate branches that supports 4 installations. PHA-Guam also operates 2 veterinary treatment facilities. Within our region our staff supports more than 3,000 privately owned animals, 20 military working dogs, 40 other government owned animals, and 70 food facilities. PHA-Guam provides more than 35% of the brigade’s food protection audits at approximately 190 commercial audit facilities in 13 countries.   

Unique Missions

  • Naval Fifth and Seventh Fleets
    • Ship Rider Mission
  • Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia
    • Monthly Food Safety Support
    • Subic Bay, Philippines
  • National Science Foundation
    • Antarctica
  • USDA working dogs
  • USGS Brown Tree Snake Eradication