We maximize readiness through One Health.

U.S. Army Public Health Command-Pacific is a direct-reporting unit of Regional Health Command-Pacific, the Army's most geographically dispersed medical command. Headquartered in Honolulu, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., and Camp Zama, Japan, PHC-P provides comprehensive public health support to protect the force, promote health, and prevent disease and injury via preventive medicine strategies, veterinary services, and food defense operations throughout the Indo-Pacific region. 

We embrace the One Health approach to public health, which is the concept that health in animals, people, and the environment are interrelated.

PHC-P fully integrates the One Health concept and enables commanders to have medically ready forces, ensuring the health and wellbeing of all beneficiaries, strengthening community and strategic relationships, and establishing a medical force prepared to meet any challenge.


Public Health Command–Pacific enables readiness by providing forward stationed, geographically postured medical forces to conserve the fighting strength through the provision of force health protection and veterinary services to the Joint Force, Families, and beneficiaries throughout USINDOPACOM. 


Maximize readiness through One Health.


Our lines of efforts are the operating values of our organization that guide our approach to everything that we do.


Our primary mission is enabling the warfighter’s and their Family’s readiness. We adapt to meet warfighter readiness requirements, prevent diseases and non-battle injuries, and ensure Families are safe from environmental and animal hazards within our communities and in both deployed and garrison environments. We enhance our occupational skill sets, competencies, and reliability to those we serve.

Public Health Services

Our fundamental tasks are preventing diseases and mitigating hazards, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and conserving/restoring the safe environments of those entrusted to our care which maximizes readiness across the force. On the battlefield and in garrison, we support the operational requirements while ensuring the delivery of quality Public Health Services to our beneficiaries. The quality Public Health Services we provide allow the warfighter to remain focused on his/her operational tasks. As a vital component of Public Health delivery, we are prepared to provide levels IV and V preventative medicine support to garrison and operational units. We staff our Veterinary Treatment Facilities as Health Readiness Platforms with highly trained personnel.

People and Relationships

People are the heart of our operations. We ensure our team is competent and highly skilled, our Families are eager to provide support, and our communities continue to entrust us both on and off duty to positively impact their quality of life. We treat each other with dignity and respect.