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NEWS | March 17, 2020

PHA–Hawaii hosts joint NCO Induction Ceremony

By Amber Kurka Public Health Command-Pacific

Public Healthy Activity – Hawaii held their first ever NCO Induction Ceremony in conjunction with Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion U.S. Army Pacific, March 13, in the Richardson Theater on Fort Shafter, Hawaii.

Four Soldiers from PHA-Hawaii accepted their new duties and responsibilities with honor as each one walked through an arch of crossed swords to officially become a member of the NCO Corps.

Historically, the NCO Induction Ceremony celebrates newly promoted Soldiers joining the ranks of the professional NCO Corps, while also building upon the pride all members share.

“The ceremony serves as a milestone in the NCO's career and is a moment that each inductee should view as a proud moment,” explained Master Sgt. Jessica Kendrick, PHA - Hawaii first sergeant. “NCOs need to remember they have crossed the threshold from a junior enlisted Soldier to the Noncommissioned Officer Corps. This responsibility should not be taken lightly, and they've each been charged with significant responsibility.”

During the ceremony Soldiers received a signed Charge to the NCO, the NCO Creed, and the 2020 NCO Guide.

“The NCO Charge and NCO Creed were given together to ensure the leaders have an understanding of the responsibilities they are charged with daily,” explained Kendrick. “The 2020 NCO Guide was provided to each leader and serves as a guide for leading, supervising, leadership traits, but this is not an all-inclusive list. The guide serves as a quick and ready reference to refresh and grow the NCO's leadership traits.”

For enlisted leaders in attendance this was a time to reflect on their commitment, while also supporting the next generation of Army leaders.

“As senior leaders, not only do we share the traditions with the inductees, but we also share the tradition with their peers and subordinates,” said Kendrick. “I feel incredibly proud, grateful, and humbled to share this pivotal moment with my NCOs and the other NCOs from across the island. I am grateful to know that as I one day transition from service that the Army is left in the hands of leaders that will carry on the customs and traditions of the NCO Corps.”

Congratulations to the following Soldiers from PHA-Hawaii:
• Sgt. Patric Berry, Fort Shafter Branch, animal care sergeant
• Sgt. Thea Dougher, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, food inspection sergeant
• Sgt. Marissa Henson, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Branch, food inspection sergeant
• Sgt. Garry Sutton, Schofield Branch, food inspection sergeant